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Poor Jayne...after being blown to Oz in a hurricane, she's stuck paying for the damage she made when she crash landed on a munchkin's roof top. Now she works days for the Wizard selling trinkets at a small tourist trap in the Emerald City and nights scamming munchkins with her fake fortune telling skills.

Jayne is no Dorothy--that's for sure. She's cynical and brash and really just wants to get the hell out of Oz. It's not until she meets Nick, a handsome Kansas transplant, who seems to know her game better than she does that the everything changes and together they get swept into a world of manipulative new age witches, munchkin mobsters, and a set of illegally traded gem stones that may just be Jayne's key to getting home.

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Open Souls 

Open Souls BookNew from author Becky Pourchot comes a story about passion, rage, and the darkness that hides within.

In a Pandora-like tale, Brad, a gruff tattoo artist, and Olivia, a sexually repressed cupcake baker, discover an ancient box in St. Augustine, Florida. When the box is opened a menacing shadow is released, causing the two strangers to descend into madness. 

As their lives become entwined, Brad and Olivia find their former selves deteriorating.  Peace with their dark side can only be made when they accept who they really are.

Open Souls

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About the Author

Becky Meyer Pourchot was a writer before she knew she was a writer. She was the kid who could tell scary stories at a Halloween party, giving everyone goose bumps, then the next day proudly make her family laugh at the dinner table. In her debut book, I Look Better In Binary, Becky draws on her childhood experiences as a Jewish kid growing up in the Midwest to create a collection of short stories that are, at once, hilarious and touching. Becky credits her family, friends, and one special teacher for the encouragement she needed to become the writer she is today.

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